You can’t be angry and right

January 5, 2023

You can’t be angry and right. The right to which we refer is the one that allows you to fulfill your life purpose and contribute to the healing of your world. 

You were given a role to fulfill at birth, but you did not know you would be doing so during the restructuring of your world or your planetary ascension. 

As we have said, this great shift is generational, and you are born with limitations and restrictions you either brought with you from your ancestors or picked them up in this lifetime, but both are causes for your anger now.

We said we gave you everything you needed to know in 2012 because it is a concept you each have difficulty accepting, and that is; you were given a role to fulfill before you were born. You are to complete it now, for it would allow you to love yourself and add that creative energy to your world, for all souls hold equal power and ability to create their life and contribute to the manifestation of the world you want.

We told Roger to hold a presentation this Saturday so he might stop withholding his role and inspire more of you, for he knows that was his mission. When you withhold what you came to offer, your experience of anger will be at yourself. Then if you are unwilling to acknowledge that, you might take to directing your anger upon another to cause yourself to feel better, and that action will not aid you in completing your role in this lifetime.

Yesterday Roger attended an online networking event with twenty others. He told them his “crazy” story of receiving this information in 2012. Then he told them we gave information on the birthdays of many of you then, and if a message were there, it would resonate with that individual. Five people asked, and every time they were astonished. 

We want you to suspend your disbelief; otherwise, you cannot accept the genius and brilliance implanted within you meant to soar now. We merely provided the tool. 

By the way, the title of the message we gave you on this date in 2012 was, “just do it.” We know that will resonate with many. You will be fine.


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