Today is your now we mentioned

December 25, 2022

Today is your now we mentioned. We understand the changes in your life and world have confused you. Please know that you exist now to evolve and aid your world. There are no exceptions except the ones you choose to make about yourself.

We provided guidance for you on your ascension path in 2012, and your challenge in believing and accepting that premise is the disbelief and lack of acceptance you have held about yourself. 

The message for this day is one we hope more of you embody, for that is your role, and your life will become what you want, and your world will be better because of you. 

December 25, 2012


Now you can let go. 

Now you can be grateful.

Now you can appreciate your accomplishments. 

Now you can notice your loved ones.

Now you can celebrate your physical life experience. Now you can release worry, fear, and anxiety. 

Now you can choose to think differently.

It is usually easier for you to do these things on a day you have set aside and designated as special. 

Now it also is vital for you to realize that it is something you can do in every moment of your now. 

Now you can rejoice in that. 

Now your awareness has brought you to what is truly important and matters.


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