Today is a New Day

Today is a new day. That is the case every day, but today it is more for various reasons. 

Last night I knew I could no longer hold myself back as many of us do. Wilhelm wanted to deliver a holiday message without me hiding who I am and what I possess. That is my intention for every person and every client, so I needed to be an example. 

I will devote more of my time to helping as many as I can expand and evolve to live their best lives, for I know the difference that will make in our world. The only challenge any of us encounter is loving who we are. 

I will leave the message given in 2012, for it was another indication of the movement we all must make in our lives, and I will be the first one. I have denied my abundance by denying myself. Our abundance flows when we embody our authentic selves.

December 24, 2012

Lack does not exist, and abundance is all there is. Any experience of lack that you have is because of something you are doing or not doing; or because the manifestation of whatever it is you think you lack

would not serve your journey of expansion that you set forth in this lifetime.

There is never a lack of time, but only the way you have chosen to use it. There is never a lack of money, but only what you have chosen to allow to come to you or your willingness to cause its manifestation.

There is never a lack of creativity, but only as much as you are willing to accept will manifest for you.

Every aspect of your life as it unfolds is always to help you expand.


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