You must detach from your old self

December 26, 2022

You must detach from your old self. As we have said, you and your world are moving through what we have termed a restructuring. We have also said it is a planetary ascension, and you exist at this time to offer your essence. 

You each do so when you embrace and embody who you have become; when you do so, you reconnect to source, which is love.

We understand this concept is challenging for many to accept due to your prior reliance on third-dimensional reality. Your world is moving to a new one. Your roles are individual; it is time to own yours and cause your life to become what you want. The love you emit will alter your life and world trajectory. 

We were clever enough to guide you on specific calendar days so the synchronicity of events will awaken you to your value and worth; that is what we did today. 

December 26, 2012

All that prevents you from experiencing pure joy, happiness, and bliss in your moment are your attachments. Attachments come in all forms and are always related to something physical. This is different from what you usually think of as your memories, for those can be fond and pleasurable. Attachments, on the other hand, typically cause you some discomfort, thwarting your current experience.

They can be your attachment to how you wished it had been, what you wanted to have occurred, or something you believe you lost. These can also be simply mental or emotional attachments, but they cause you to leave your moment of now. Joy, happiness, and bliss can only be experienced now.


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