Soon you will release your resistance

December 18, 2022

Soon you will release your resistance. You were born into the world at the perfect time to fulfill your desires and dreams. You orchestrated your life to be here now as you knew it would be the best time for you to evolve so you could aid your world in its restructuring.

We know you might not have believed you were that essential, but every soul is, and you will discover that when you drop your resistance to becoming all you could be.

We know it is still challenging for many to believe we gave you everything you needed in 2012, but you might be more convinced with the message we left waiting for you this day. 

December 18, 2012

It is never too late for you to be, do, have, or create anything you truly desire during your physical life experience. It would be best if you started to become aware of the times when you believe it is too late for you to do anything. In those instances, you have accepted limitations. Which is the opposite of the expansion you sought to accomplish on this journey. 

It is never too late for you to change your mind about your potential and abilities and become the person you always intended to be. Any thought of limitation is something your world has made up; if you accept it, that will be your personal reality. 


Please watch this video that I channeled today: We Wanted You to Stop Hiding

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