This message will aid your ascension

December 19, 2022

This message will aid your ascension. We are delivering this to you from different dimensions, which might help you accept your current transition, and that might be in various ways. 

We spoke to you from your previous dimension when we offered guidance on this date in 2012. We are talking to you from your future dimension, which will depend on the actions you take today in your now dimension. 

We have said you are moving through a restructuring, and the role you are meant to play is to become your authentic self which serves your evolvement and that of your world. You will encounter aspects of yourselves you have previously denied or did not know existed.

Then there will be others like Roger who have felt the transition but doubted their role and caused yourselves to experience unnecessary hardships. But remember, when you encounter them, they are the ones you want to overcome, for that will aid your ascension and that of all that is and every dimension.

When you recognize how you might have held yourself back, please don’t spend too much time in regret but decide to forgive yourself and change. 

The events in your world today will allow you to understand and utilize the following message. 

December 19, 2012

Projecting and imagining are quite different processes in which you engage. You always know the difference, for you will have different emotional responses. 

Typically, when you are projecting, you are putting forth thoughts of fear, worry, or anxiety about your future. When you are imagining, it is usually with excitement and anticipation while knowing that whatever your future holds will be for your highest good. 

You would do well to become aware of which process you are using, and when you decide to use imagining, you will also experience peace. You know you always get it done, it always works out, and you completely trust the integrity of your physical life experience.  


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