Money will be your biggest obstacle

December 17, 2022

Money will be your biggest obstacle. You exist in the world now during a grand restructuring of your life and the world, and you will use the energy of money to accomplish your goal. 

This particular period is about transformation, and it is to occur within your evolutionary journey. You chose this time to be alive to contribute to this change, and you will do so when you allow yourself to thrive. While you might understand you are on a spiritual journey and only use material things such as money to operate in this dimension, you cannot accomplish your goal without allowing that abundance to come.

You are moving through generational limitations. You each will hold your own just as Roger has. He can easily pinpoint through his lineage and ancestry, as each of you will discover. But what we provided in 2012 was a way for you to move through your limitations and break those generational bonds. Your use of the energy of money would be for the betterment of all. 

We have explained this for years and in our live conversations, but it takes a while for any of you to hear your guidance, and when you have reinforcement, you will remember more. We had Roger hear a video from Christina Lopes about the Age of Aquarius that many believe happened some time ago, but it is happening now, which is why we provided our work.

We had Roger listen several times and share a link which we will do again. When you listen to the recording and study the message we provided in 2012, more of you will begin to believe in your worth and value. We did this because you each have doubts about what you know and can accomplish, just as Roger, so when he heard it, he could now believe everything we have given you all was meaningful for this time in your life and the world, and he can allow himself to thrive. 

You will recognize your importance in the world now, and then you will allow the energy flow of money to come to you to complete your intended task, which is to actualize yourself fully.  

December 17, 2012

Your intention and motivation in anything you attempt to do, create, or manifest can be very different and produce different results. You would do well to seek to know the difference. 

If you intend to create some contribution or to cause an experience of expansion in another, you will receive the result of that action personally, for you are all one.

If your motivation, on the other hand, is to make yourself more or better than another or to try and prove your worth, you will be dissatisfied with those results as you are operating on a false principle. 

You and all others are equal, and your highest good is theirs. 


Here’s Christina’s video, and the only difference is we were sure about 2012. 

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