Repost from June 26, 2020

I channeled this message more than two years ago, and today it makes sense, and it is why I changed my coaching to guiding others to embody and embrace their authentic and empowered selves. I receive precognitive messages, and it is how I created my program. 

June 26, 2020

The more you know, the less you understand. This message will be an illustration of what we wanted to impart to you all. We gave Roger that title, and then we sat here for quite a while before he would deliver the message because he wanted to know first where we were leading him. 

You each have done that in your lives to some degree because you all share, again to varying degrees, a fear of the unknown. This condition is not a new predicament for Roger but more of a life-long battle he’s maintained since an early age. The big difference now, however, is he’s beginning to understand it. Roger could not hope to offer any form of clarity to himself or the world until he trusted what he hears, as we have been saying to each of you to trust what you hear. 

What we gave him today, which gave him pause, was to speak again on your world’s condition. Currently, a restructuring is occurring, and given that you collectively hold the fear of the unknown, that will become greater as you are amidst a profound change. 

It is easy to understand how that energy may impact you personally and the world when you resist the change because you want to know where things are headed beforehand. We will tell you that the United States will experience the most significant shift as it was believed they held the most extraordinary power. You will understand how the feminine energy we have spoken of was misplaced because an adjustment was needed to aid the evolution of all that is.

While it may be challenging to separate your individual experience from that of the world, do your best, as it will ease your anxiety. You are finding a new balance in your life where you honor all aspects of yourself, and when you allow your feminine and masculine energies to achieve balance, so will you. You will understand this soon. 


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