Please suspend your disbelief

December 10, 2022

Please suspend your disbelief. You and your world are evolving, and things, as they used to be, will no longer be in you or your world. You are opening to new awareness and one that will have you manifest the life you desire and the world you want to see. 

You will discover new aspects of yourself, abilities, and gifts you did not know you possessed or pretended you didn’t have. No matter your choice, you stand at a place in your life where you can soar.

You will find your unique path to follow as you were meant to, and you will discover the worth you possess to change your life for the better and that of your world.

Our way of aiding you was to give you messages that Roger received in 2012 to use now, and that was his disbelief, and you will have yours. Once you suspend it, however, you will shine, and so will your world as you add your energy of light and love to your planet, which is ascension. 

December 10, 2012

Your best is yet to come, and you would do well to remind yourself of this fact often so that you continue to be motivated to allow it to manifest. Allowing it to manifest is crucial when you decide to use it. Any time you think you need force or make those manifestations occur, you inhibit your progress, for you continually affirm there is something you do not possess now. 

You now possess full potential at all times, but you also knew that the most incredible way to become the person you desired was to delve into the expansion process and enjoy every moment. There is no finish line, merely eternity.  


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