You might understand this message today

December 11, 2022

You might understand this message today. We say that because we gave it to you in 2012, you typically require some physical evidence to appear in your world until you firmly believe what you have held inside and intuitively know.

As you have moved through the last several years in your life and your world, the evidence of why we would have provided the following message will be apparent. Now you have to decide if now is the time in your life when you will heed these words; if you do, your journey and that of your world will be easy. 

December 11, 2012

Let go. Those two words can be potent when you embrace their meaning and actively apply it to every aspect of your physical life experience. 

Some examples include; letting go of your fear, worry, and anxiety. Let go of any physical need you think you have. Let go of your need to try and control whatever may show up for you. 

The result then of letting go is allowing. When you use the idea of allowing, you affirm that no matter what shows up for you, it is for your highest good. It will help if you remember that you continually operate with limited awareness because you desire to gain more constantly.  


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