Your financial future will change today

December 12, 2022

Your financial future will change today. We have said you were moving through a restructuring in your world and your life. In 2012 we provided guidance because we knew the rapid changes in your world might be confusing, and we did the same for this date.

There are shifting energies in your world today, and as challenging as it might be for you to believe we gave you advice prior, it is the same disbelief you have held about your mission in the world which was to shine. 

You have lived a life where you endured much and accomplished a great deal, but you don’t often equate your accomplishment with money. Your world needs you to allow the energy flow of money to come to you, for we know you would use it in a way that would cause your world to become better for more than yourself but for all those who come later or all that is.

None of you come to the world to perform the same task, but the one you were given is your authentic self, and as you become willing to embody that, your financial future and that of your world will change.

December 12, 2012

The issues of selfishness and betrayal have been intricately woven together throughout your physical life experience. The connection between the two may escape you at first, but as you follow the process, it will become clear. 

You learned at a young age that being selfish was a “bad” thing. Then in your effort to become a “good” person, you inadvertently abandoned portions of your life experience to attempt to be selfless or give more to others and certain situations and circumstances. As those others began to guide their own experiences, you experienced that sense of betrayal. 

With this awareness, you can use the times you feel betrayed to your benefit. They will remind you that your life journey is solely your responsibility.  


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