But no one will believe me

December 9, 2022

But no one will believe me. That statement is the one that has held you back most of your life and might continue to do so unless you decide to change.

You came into the world to authentically offer your essence or who you are, but you have doubted the importance of who you might become. But you also decided to live at a time in your world when your decision to believe in yourself is the most important one you can make today.

None of you could have known you were moving into new dimensions of yourself and your world. Still, some, like Roger, do know but have also feared that others would not believe they had information to help others move through this time of planetary ascension.

You typically take a while before you accept the innate gifts you were given, which is why we structured our work to guide you to self-acceptance gently. After our live conversation the other day, Roger knew that he should believe in himself now and that we did provide help through this period that would aid all. And last night, we told him to change. Then he glanced ahead at the message we gave you in 2012 for this date and was surprised by it and thought it would be fun to talk about it last night. But then he did the same thing most of you do: to decide no one would believe you. 

This restructuring requires you to believe in yourselves, and the following message should help today. 

December 9, 2012

You learn to resist change when you are born onto the physical plane. You begin to equate stability with safety. This is a necessary process, for, at this point, you have yet to learn your way around the world, so to speak. 

The irony of this situation is that your intention when you decided to have a physical life experience was always to embrace change, for it is the only way you might expand and evolve, which was your original goal. 

Now in your more mature life, it becomes crucial for you to recognize this dilemma and begin making conscious choices to embrace change so that you might further that expansion. When you embrace change, you acknowledge and accept your safety in the physical world.  


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