You are needed in your world now

December 6, 2022

You are needed in your world now. We are speaking directly to you and will continue to do so through our live conversation with you tomorrow. 

We understand much of your life has been confusing, and in the last several years, you began to think you lost your way or had not fulfilled your promise to yourself. You have fulfilled the first part of that promise, but now it’s time for you to take the next step, for that is the one that will make a tremendous difference in the restructuring of your life and world.

We wanted you to prepare for the great shift occurring in your world, so we gave you the following message in 2012, so you might begin to rethink your importance in your life and your world. We will continue tomorrow, but as we always said, you will be fine. 

December 6, 2012

Looking for gratitude is an active physical process in which you can engage that can lift your mental attitude from depression or despair into one of joy, happiness, and excited anticipation. 

Your focused attention can only be placed in one direction at a time, which also moves energy that will manifest specific results in your experience. You can’t create or manifest the life experience you desire when your focused attention is placed on those things that cause you discomfort.

Looking for gratitude, then, is the conscious decision you make to find all the things in your moment of now for which you are grateful and desire and thereby cause them to grow and multiply.  


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