Everything could change for you today

December 7, 2022

Everything could change for you today. We used the word could because it all depends on your actions. We are speaking directly to you because we know you would not be reading us unless it was a part of your life journey, and you decide each time you view us how much you will believe, just as you have done with how much you choose to believe about yourself and your importance in the world. 

We will explain much more in our live conversation with you this evening, and you will understand that none of this is accidental, and neither are you. You exist in the world now to further your expansion and that of your world, which means you must let go of your disbelief in yourself.

We also said a few years ago that the United States would lead the way in your restructuring, and that process moved to a new level yesterday. Many of you also need to catch up on the significance of this date in your history. We will explain why this time in your life and your world is the most incredible opportunity you have ever experienced. 

We will also reveal tonight why so many of you have understood our words, but first, we will give you what we provided in 2012 that has confused many of you due to your reliance on linear time, but we will explain that as well, and you will be fine.

December 7, 2012

When you become angry enough, you will decide to regain control of and guide your own physical life experience. While you may think that you should not have the experience of anger if you are truly seeking to be a spiritual being, however, you have chosen to live a physical life experience using all your human emotions in order that you might expand. 

All of your emotions then have meaning and purpose when you decide to use them toward that goal of expansion. You are never angry at another person, situation, or circumstance, but you are angry at yourself for failing to find and make the changes that would alleviate that anger experience. When you decide to do that, you genuinely expand and guide your own life.  


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