You are transitioning to a new dimension

December 5, 2022

You are transitioning to a new dimension. Many of you may have felt that because it is all energetic. Others know this but need to fulfill their portion to aid this transition. And that is becoming happy, successful, and loving, so you add your essence to the mix. 

We are giving you information we will further clarify during our live conversation this Wednesday. You will want to hear it, but we want more of you to begin preparing by honoring who you are. You stand at the most magnificent place in your life to make your intended contribution. 

Your choice was never conscious, but you did make one, or might we say you were given your divine plan, and it is before you now. Your level of understanding is elevated by your willingness to release your resistance and suspend your disbelief.

It can be shocking to many as you discover who you are and your powers. That is why our work is structured in bite-size pieces to encourage your acceptance of your worth and value, especially at this time in your world.

Roger is one with ancient memory, as we have said, but each of you has that memory, and what we do is awaken that with our words and work, which we will do today. We led Roger to a new recording of the Kybalion, and we will leave a link. What you will hear is the basis of our work, which goes back to Hermetic principles, which is why we rarely refer to your current religions. 

We then led Roger back to Rudolf Steiner. They inhabited the same soul family, if you will, as Goethe, which greatly influenced Roger’s life. It was the genesis of our name, which he was unaware of as you did not know the grand ancestry you carry that could be utilized now in your ascension journey.

We knew where you would be today, so we gave the following advice in 2012, and we believe Roger is now heeding it, as many of you will. 

December 5, 2012

Start here are two words that can be very powerful for you when you decide to use them to help you remember to stay in your moment of now, do what is in front of you, and allow the magnificent experience of your physical life to unfold. 

Those words can help you stop the mind racing that occurs at times, which has you either worrying about the future or regretting the past. Those words can help you to remember that you always have the opportunity to start now at whatever you desire to create or manifest. 

You are never bound by your thoughts of the future or past when you evoke those words into your experience. 

Decide to attach the feeling of peace to those words. 


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