You will see greatness when you look in the mirror

December 4, 2022

You will see greatness when you look in the mirror. That is, if you choose to complete the mission you were given at birth which is your divine plan. 

You have known of it for a while and made significant progress in achieving your dream, but you have yet to take the steps you know would be required to actualize that greatness within you.

It always requires you to move beyond your biased opinion of what you could accomplish because no one else can do what you were given. And you were given your gift to be actualized during this time in your world.

You never understand that process at once, for you are using your human awareness, which is always limited, but some of you know what to do precisely to reach your goal, and you know it would aid your world. 

We are giving this message today in preparation for the live conversation we planned on your full moon, for it will be a marvelous opportunity for you to make a big leap in your life. We used that phrase and the title of the conversation purposefully.

But we did more than that because, as usual, we provided guidance in 2012, and as you follow it along with this message, you will see your greatness in time. 

December 4, 2012

You live in a limitless Universe, and anything is possible. The difficulty that you have is deciding what is possible for you. In other words, as you move through your physical life experience, you begin to observe certain limitations, and you then start to believe they are valid and therefore create that experience in your own life. 

You would do well then to imagine what you truly desire without placing those particular limitations on your desires and then go about creating or becoming whatever that is, knowing that what is for your highest good will manifest. Your intention when you came into physical form was to expand continually. Expansion and limitation cannot be held together. 


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