You might not want to succeed

November 30, 2022 

You might not want to succeed. That statement might surprise you, and you might question why you wouldn’t want to become successful, and we would then say the only reason is you don’t want to become your authentic self. 

Every soul was born with everything they needed to manifest a successful and happy life, but it also requires you to take some action that would allow you to awaken to who you are. Many times you fear success because you fear who you might become. That statement might sound paradoxical, but it is what many of you do, including Roger. 

None of you know who you could become, and you are doing so now during a time of restructuring in your world, so it is more challenging for you and your world. But we said we gave you guidance in 2012 to help you through this time, and that was the element you each must come to accept, which is belief in who you are and what you were given to bring to the world, for you do possess a gift. 

You each have different evolutionary journeys, as you were meant to do, for evolvement does not occur in your life or your world until you become willing to embrace differences and the unknown. 

Yesterday was a new thing you created called giving Tuesdays. When Roger saw that, he decided to share our work with others at no cost. When he mentioned this to his associate, they questioned if they might receive too many people. Roger said it would be a few people because even when it is free, people won’t take steps to discover who they are. Or they will perform much like Roger and not believe in who they are. They left the offer through tonight. 

Now all of you will answer the question for yourselves as to whether you want to succeed, including Roger. Now he must prove what he has felt and what we told him, just like you must trust and believe in your gift, for this is when you and your world need the energy of what you came to offer. 

When you doubt what you can do, the only way to move beyond that is to do that thing, and that is what many of you will do now, and Roger will prove his purpose to help you establish yours. 


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