Your transformation still needs to be completed

December 1, 2022

Your transformation still needs to be completed. We have said you were in the world now to experience and contribute to restructuring your life and the world. Not all of you have stepped up to the plate. 

You are given something to bring to the world at birth or before birth, but that might be a stretch of your imagination, but we won’t go back that far. We will use 2012, however, for that is still something many only have difficulty accepting because you have trouble believing the gift you were given, which was to become your authentic self.

You each have different roles to play, but when you become who God intended you to be, you add light and love to your world, which is the work we provided. 

Yesterday we had Roger offer our work free of charge, and we knew only a few would take that offer. That was also perfect because you will discover you only need a few spiritual warriors to heal your life and world, for you are doing it collectively. 

Here is the advice we gave you for this day. Yes, we knew where you would be. 

December 1, 2012

The word trust is a powerful energy that, when used by you effectively, can create miraculous results in your physical life experience. When you use the word trust, you affirm to the Universe that whatever shows up in your experience is for your highest good.

You can’t hold the idea of the word trust simultaneously with the concepts of words such as worry, anxiety, and fear. Using the word trust consciously in your words, deeds, and actions sets forth energy that will help you manifest, create, and become the person you desire and make the contribution you intended. 

You can never do anything “wrong” when you trust you always receive the “right” results.


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