No person is better than another

November 29, 2022

No person is better than another. While the word better can be interpreted in many different ways, it only matters in how you interpret that statement as you examine yourself.

If you find any exceptions to that statement, you are not helping your life or your world. It is a question that has existed in humankind as long as you have inhabited your planet. But you are moving through a restructuring now to correct the imbalance. Far too many people have not understood that concept for far too long, and you exist in the world now to shift the balance.

You will do that by refusing to see yourself as less than anyone else and then deciding to see all others in the same manner. Now we have given you the real intention of our work, and we gave you help in 2012, which you will understand soon. 

November 29, 2012

Status is an imaginary ideal you have made up and spend your physical life experience attempting to attain, which ultimately turns into a pointless journey for you.

In order to have a concept of some status or level of being, you must first assume that you are less than another or that your particular place in the world is less than some other souls. All souls are born equal and inherently possess the same value and worth.

Your intention was first to recognize your natural value and expound on that so that you might expand. Expansion is only spiritual; therefore, any attempt to achieve some status is based on physical measures and will never serve your intended purpose. 


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