You were destined to succeed

November 28, 2022

You were destined to succeed. But even though you were born with that potential, you still need to fulfill your goal. You chose to be alive during a restructuring of your world, so the dream you chose this time was much larger than any before. 

Regardless of whether or not you accept your other existences, you do know the one you have lived thus far, and the thing you intended to succeed with is before you now, and all the obstacles that stood in your way are only imaginary now.

You will face difficulties, but they are also purposeful in aiding you to move to a higher level of understanding and acceptance. Everything we gave in your 2012 was to help guide you through this time of your physical life experience. We continually used that terminology to remind you that you have a finite time in physical form even though you are an eternal being.

Some will choose to leave their bodies at this time and over the next several months, but they will have completed their goals and add their energy to you to aid you in completing yours, which is evolution. Roger will experience that today when a friend of thirty-six years decides to leave, but that will also benefit his destiny of becoming the leader he was destined to be to assist more of you in becoming what you were given.

We know many have difficulty with time because you experience linear time to keep track of things, but we don’t, and we knew the message that you aid you all today. Be gentle with yourself. 

November 28, 2012

You are always moving forward, and it is not possible for it to be any other way. Subjective words are being used here so that you might place the concept in more physical terms. Forward means that you are continually expanding. Even when faced with particular challenges or difficulties, they also cause that expansion, so you are moving forward.

You do come to recognize this many times after those difficulties have passed, but you would also do well to try and remember the premise of this concept as you are in those times. 

You attempt to measure your own progress, or moving forward, in terms of material things, including what you possess, but expansion only occurs spiritually.


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