Now take the next step

November 27, 2022

Now take the next step. You have moved into the next version of yourself due to your planetary ascension. You intended to live a great life, and now you have that opportunity when you accept who you have become. 

Even though we provided the following message in 2012, you might believe today what we offered then, for you might feel that impetus to get on with the next version of yourself. Please be patient with yourself and others, for none of you have taken these steps.

November 27, 2012

You can only ever take one step at a time. That admonition is to help you remember that in order to manifest, create, or be the person you desire to become, the most effective way is to stay in your moment of now and take the next step, which is always the one in front of you. 

Many times you are focused on the result of whatever it is you desire to do or accomplish. That mindset can cause you to keep that thing from you because you are continually affirming you are not there yet or have not achieved that goal, and because you have placed that energy there, that will become your present moment reality. 


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