This message is for all starseeds, lightworkers, wayshowers

This message is for all starseeds, lightworkers, way showers, and all others who resonate with those labels but have yet to embody them fully.

You have a memory that has alerted you to who you could be in the world and your life. You have moved through many challenges and difficulties in your life. But you did so to use it in the physical, material, your third-dimensional world now.

While you could not have known you would be awakening to this next aspect of yourself at such a tumultuous time in the world, it is also why you wanted to be alive now. You knew your life and travels would add the much-needed love and guidance to others in your world, but there is a part of you that has withheld that information of which you are vividly aware.

We are sending you this message to land in your hands at the right time on your journey so your legacy, which you know you hold, will be fulfilled. What we are saying is not a reprimand but further encouragement.

Your awareness of the world you wish to create has been apparent. But you were also meant to take your gift to those beings outside your regular circle of influence. You are attempting to foster oneness. And you can’t accomplish that while ignoring some who would benefit the most from your wisdom. It will require more honesty and ownership on your part.

Your role is specific and unique, which has caused it to be more complex and challenging for many of you because your memories may not go back as far as some, but many of you, like Roger, have vast memories being awakened now. Please acknowledge who you are.

It is natural for you to require time to assimilate what you have gained and awakened to, but there is still a part of you holding on to your shame and embarrassment and not understanding the importance of what you agreed to move through.

The generational shift on your planet is well underway, and the division and anger you might witness is not something you intended to ignore but to add your light to in your manner. That is the one that serves the evolution of all that is.

No matter when you discover you held some of the titles and roles we mentioned, you must step into the next level of your journey so your world benefits from what you have accomplished.

Then you will also perform the other task you agreed to before you came onto the physical plane: to experience more prosperity and abundance for all. You are part of that all, and you cannot complete that part of your mission until you allow yourself to experience what you want for all.

You are also aware that this galactic shift might take some time, and you know it could be accelerated if you own your gifts and share them with others. Duality has always been necessary, so healing it within yourself will aid your world in doing the same. But we didn’t have to tell you that.

We love what you have done so far.

We love you,

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