Your life and world will change when you believe yourself

November 26, 2022

Your life and world will change when you believe yourself. What we mean is that still, small voice you have always heard but only believed occasionally. You have moved into a new dimension in your life and world, and your self-belief has become more vital.

At birth, you are each given a gift you were meant to actualize to live a glorious life, but the path that is best for you to take is only sometimes clear and depends on what occurs in your world. What will manifest in your future depends on what you do now. That means believing in who you are and the gift of your essence.

No one holds more ability than you. But it is also a gradual process of acceptance as you move through your life until you reach the dimension of acceptance, where you view yourself and others differently. That is how you will collectively manifest a new world which is why you exist during this restructuring.

You didn’t know what you were given at birth, but you might have misinterpreted yourself and this time in your world, so we gave you a message on this date in 2012 to aid you. 

Roger had to accept that he was given something to aid your world, but it is the same for you, and we only provided guidance. 

November 26, 2012

Everything that shows up in your physical life experience is always for your highest good. This is the most difficult concept that you will encounter as you move through your life, and it is the one that can provide you with the most extraordinary sense and experience of peace when you decide to accept it.

It is not difficult for you to accept it when the events and circumstances that show up are to your liking or provide you with a sense of pleasure. But it is all those other events and circumstances that you continually question their validity and purpose that is difficult. 

It is not that you need to learn anything through pain, as you think of it, but that the contrast of your experiences always causes you to expand, which is why they are all indeed for your highest good.   


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