You are the divine plan

November 22, 2022

You are the divine plan. We wanted to use that terminology as we knew not everyone would pay attention, but you did. As we use that term, it is to signify your recognition of your existence in your world at this time of restructuring. 

You exist because you possess something that you are meant to bring to the world, which would facilitate your evolution and that of your world, for you are all one. That concept is a continual work in progress, and what you add will accelerate that transition. What you add is your authentic self and the gift you were given to bring but may have doubted, which is why we have provided our work.

Sunday, we had Roger put together writings we provided every November 23 since 2010. He didn’t know why he was doing so, but we asked him to offer it to you all, which will happen today. The point of us using human dates is you sometimes lose your connection to your eternal nature, which is connected to all that is or God or the Universe. You exist for a good reason. 

Yesterday we had Roger find a recording of a session we held in April that he never downloaded or published as he hides from himself as you have done. But you will discover more aspects of yourself now, which is why we planned the conversation for tomorrow, as it will be another dynamic shift in your world. We wanted you to accept that nothing is happening accidentally, and you decide when you awaken to who you could be.

As Roger listened to the recording, he began to experience regret because he knew if more had heard the session, he would not need to try to explain who he was and what his gift was. And that is something you each struggle with, but we gave you help on this date in 2012 for synchronicity. 

November 22, 2012

A wonderful way to examine how you choose to live your physical life experience is to notice if you are looking ahead or behind. It becomes much easier to know what you are creating when you think of it in those terms.

Looking ahead is usually with excitement, joyful anticipation, and envisioning the life experience you desire to have. When you are looking behind, it is mainly with some sense of regret or remorse. And in that instance, because you are placing energy there, you are continually creating more of the same. 

When you have those moments where you think you are looking ahead and have some fear or anxiety, that can only be because a part of you is still looking behind.


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Here is the recording from April:

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