Please choose your new self today

November 18, 2012

Please choose your new self today. Yes, you are new today, as in every day you are alive, but this time in your life and world is different because you decided to live through a restructuring. The purpose of which was to cause you and your world to evolve.

You were given something to bring to your world and, therefore, your evolutionary journey. It would also uplift all, but holding that gift back will not aid you or others. You have held back who you could become due to a lack of belief which is a normal part of ascension. 

We have used the synchronicity of the dates of 2012 because we wanted to impress upon each of you that you have a divine plan and nothing is happening randomly. You exist now to uplift your world by deciding to become your authentic self.

You may find yourself moving in new directions in your life, which is a part of your path and will not be the same as any other soul. You are meant to own every aspect of yourself, and that action will add to the healing of your world, and that is the other reason you are alive, and we hope you begin to take yourself more seriously because you are that essential. What we provided in 2012 might make more sense now, for you always understand more in hindsight.

November 18, 2012

Every decision you make is the right one. Subjective words are being used here to help you understand the meaning of the concept and process. Right, means that it leads you in the direction of your expansion no matter what that decision is.

It might be that you are not pleased with the result of your previous decision; however, you gain wisdom as a consequence, which always causes you to expand. Many times you find more of that awareness from the decisions that are unpleasant for you in some way. But then you also gain the ability to make decisions in your future that will be more pleasing to you.

The more significant problem for you is squandering your moment of now with worry and anxiety about your decisions.


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