You could change your life and the world today

November 17, 2022

You could change your life and the world today. We know most of you will find it challenging to accept that statement, and as you do, we would like you to ask yourself why. 

You are each born with equal talent, ability, and a unique gift, and if you were to actualize it, you could have as much or more influence than anyone else you might witness in your world now. Your only challenge has been total acceptance of your authentic self. 

We reminded Roger of this fact last night and this morning, and he too has difficulty with acceptance, for it is something you each come to in your time and in your manner that serves your evolutionary goal and that of your world, for as we have said, they are the same. 

What Roger heard this morning was a reference to what we have provided all these years: the divine plan for humanity. You exist at a time in your world that we have called a restructuring so you can choose what you want your life and society to manifest in your future. You do that by acknowledging who you are and owning your gift.

There is another energetic shift in your world today, and we provided a message in 2012 on this date to aid you. As you study its content, please understand that we have provided information this way because you accept yourselves incrementally. But we gave you this message because you exist to improve your world at this time, and we offered the pathway.

November 17, 2012

Throughout your physical life experience, you are always seeking to take lemons and turn them into lemonade. While that popular saying may appear to you at first to be somewhat trite, it actually holds the key to the expansion you sought to experience.

All events and situations hold duality or contrast, and expansion occurs when you can find the part of that equation that equals lemonade for you. You can think of it in terms of good and evil if that helps your understanding; however, all of it is always good when you seek to find it.

When you think you have made some “bad” choice or decision, there is always a gift to be found there.


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