You can do all things

November 19, 2022

You can do all things. That statement is true for you, but it all depends on how much you are willing to accept. No person was born with more ability, talent, or gifts than you. But you were given something to bring to the world that is unique and needed, which is why you are alive.

You will move through your life and notice the direction you feel inclined to take, and not all of those choices have pleased you in the past. But that is where some of you lost your way. But you exist now to evolve and uplift your life and that of your world. You will do that by honoring who you are, which is your authentic self.

Roger had to accept that his role was to bring in information to aid you all in your ascension process, for it is more profound now. Still, he, too, had to accept what he could accomplish, which is a mental process that you undertake to remember your connection to your source or all that is. That recognition will let you know there isn’t anything you can’t do but only what you become willing to do.

November 19, 2012

It would be extremely helpful if you were to pronounce to yourself every morning you arise that “this is a new day.” That statement, when said aloud by you, will remind you that you are not held back by anything that occurred yesterday, last year, or years before. Your personal history is for you to gather wisdom, knowledge, and awareness to create the future you desire.

You never intended to live in your past. You attempt to live there through the thoughts you hold. When you fully understand that you create your personal reality through those thoughts, you will take and use this process deliberately and fully.


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