Your time is now

November 16, 2022

Your time is now. Today we are speaking to you as we speak to Roger or in other words, as your higher self has spoken to you often, but we might catch you off guard today, and you will hear us. 

You were born to offer something to your world, and now is the time it would be most beneficial in your evolution and the restructuring of your world. While you might not have thought your contribution could not make a difference, that is where you were mistaken. 

You have also doubted what you had to offer and kept putting it on the back burner, but you will no longer be able to do that comfortably. You are ascending into new dimensions of your being, and resistance will cause it to be challenging. 

On the other hand, when you honor your gift now, you will soar. We provided help on this date in 2012, and today you might understand what we meant as you examine your life and world especially. 

November 16, 2012

All limits are illusions that only exist in the physical world. Limit, as it is being used here, means what is thought of as impossible. You will always experience limits or limitations as long as you are in physical form because they show up in order to inspire you.

Inspire means to come into Spirit or to remember the true nature of your being. As you seek to move beyond any sense of limitation you experience in your personal life or even the world at large, it requires some expansion by you or becoming more.

Now with this information, you may actually welcome the limits you might experience, for you know what you are up to.


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