Now that you can walk, you will soon run

November 15, 2022

Now that you can walk, you will soon run. We are using this as a metaphor to explain what you might be experiencing during your restructuring. Your world is 

quickly moving as are you, for your intention was evolution or ascension, which is the process you and your planet are moving through now. 

You might be experiencing shifts in your physical bodies, which was why we used this particular metaphor. Roger could barely walk two weeks ago and considered surgery until we reminded him that he knew the challenge and why he was having the difficulty, and it is the same one many of you have which is why we gave your our work. The only problem for any of you is self-acceptance. 

You came to the world to offer your gift, for that action will add a high energy of love and light to your world and your life. But you doubt your worth and value which is also a process, but we wanted you to move beyond that more today.

We wanted you to understand that there will be changes in your world today so you can offer your essence. Part of the struggle you will witness in your world today and in your life will be for control. You each hold that control when you understand its source, and we provided information on this date in 2012 to aid you. 

Roger can run now because he no longer doubts this was accurate and what he was here to do, which is to help you do what you are here to do. 

November 15, 2012

It is ultimately you who has complete control over your physical life experience. You exercise that control through the thoughts you choose to think, the actions you decide to take, and the words you choose to speak.

You may argue that there are many outside events, circumstances, and influences that happen to you which cause you to act in a particular way; however, you still have your greatest control, and that is how you decide to think about all of it.

To have complete control over your life experience, you must eliminate any blame; that includes the blame you place on others and yourself. When you operate from that clarity, you can make choices that give you that control.


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