Self-acceptance will still be your greatest challenge

November 14, 2022

Self-acceptance will still be your greatest challenge. It is the same challenge you have had since birth, and the one we have repeatedly advised would be the most worthwhile endeavor you could undertake now, not only for your evolution but for your world. 

At birth, you are each given a gift you are meant to bring to the world, and when you do, you flourish, and so does your world. When you withhold who you are, you struggle and suffer in your life and add that vibration of lower energy to your world, and you then witness events currently happening globally. Your primary difficulty has been needing to understand the importance of your contribution. 

We said self-acceptance would continue to be your challenge for your evolution, and that of your world is on an accelerated pace now, so you might experience difficulties in your physical bodies you might not understand. Many of them are caused by your resistance to owning who you are. 

Many of you, including Roger, could not believe we had provided guidance for this time in your life and world, but he can no longer deny what we have provided. We hope that more of you heed our message on this date in 2012, for not only will your life improve exponentially but also that of your world. 

November 14, 2012

Denial can be a valuable tool to use as you strive for expansion. Denial, as it is being used here, means your desires that you prevent yourself from having through your own thoughts, deeds, actions, and words.

You will deny certain relationships because, on some level, you have accepted you do not deserve them. You will deny yourself abundance by unconsciously wasting that abundance you receive or not allowing it to come to you.

When you become willing to acknowledge and notice the times you practice denial, you can make new choices. None of this involves judgment but merely a choice.


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