Everything you did was perfect

November 13, 2022

Everything you did was perfect. You might think we are using the word perfect in a subjective sense, but we are not. We have always said that each of you is born perfect, but it takes time for you to recognize and own that fact. But during this restructuring of your world, it is a good time for you to accept more of your state of perfection, for it will uplift the energy of your world, which is why you are alive at this time.

We are also saying everything you did was perfect as some of you will be leaving physical form, and it aids you to know this information now as you all come to this realization when you decide to transition. Yes, that is a choice you make like you did to be here now in this lifetime. 

But now you have a grand opportunity to move your evolution forward at lightning speed and that of your world, for they are the same. You each are born with a mission you intend to complete, and it would include everything you have experienced so far. 

Everything you judged as a failure on your part was perfect because you moved through some limitations in the collective consciousness, so others do not need that burden. Everything you doubted about yourself was perfect because you could not discover the perfection of who you are without first questioning who you might become. The energy you add to the collective is immense when you make that discovery. 

You are a part of all that is. We will use that term more now as it is what Roger remembers, and many of you over eons have created other words that introduced separation, which led to the need for your current restructuring. We said the United States would lead the way, and women or the female energy would be vital. Many of you did not believe us, which is why you are confused by the results of the last election. It still needs to be completed, but you have made great strides. 

We are giving you this information today because there are events in the trajectory of your world currently that would be aided by the up-leveling of your energy, which happens when you release your self-judgment. And that is why we wanted you to accept your perfection now. We also know it is a cognitive process you use your human brain to facilitate. Still, we gave you information to awaken your eternal mind, for that is the ultimate perfection.

We said we gave you everything in 2012, and many dates would correspond and aid your understanding, and today is one of those days. We must also say that Roger becomes uncomfortable when we make the messages lengthy, but today was important. 

November 13, 2012

Just go with it. That somewhat recent and popular expression is one you would do well to apply to your mental and emotional attitude as you move through your physical life experience. When you evoke that phrase, you are more likely to be receptive to the information and wisdom coming to you through whatever particular events and situations you have experienced.

You will also be affirming that you trust the integrity of your life experience, which will become your reality. That phrase will be difficult for you to accept and adapt only because of some fear you harbor or believing in your demise, which has been greatly exaggerated.


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