You are just getting started

November 10, 2022

You are just getting started. We know that may seem strange considering what you have experienced over the past several years, but that was intentional. You were born to be alive at this time in your world to complete some aspect of yourself you have yet to deliver to the world. 

We have called it your restructuring, but it is also that of your world, and you wanted to be alive now to add your essence to the mix, and you do that by becoming your authentic self which is perfect and wise, which you will discover. 

But you are moving into another phase of this restructuring tomorrow as another portal of understanding will open for you all, and we gave you some suggestions in 2012. The more of you who decide to take our advice, the sooner you will manifest the life and world you want. It is all in your hands.

As usual, we were a bit ahead of you, and yesterday we had Roger listen to a conversation we had with you a year ago that you might better understand now. He now accepts the gift he has as you are meant to do. We also gave you a hint when we mentioned the current president of the United States. The country is still leading the way. 

November 10, 2012

Your anticipation of anything will help manifest that into your personal reality or moment of now. While you understand or acknowledge the power of your imagination as well as expectations to create, anticipation can escape your awareness because it is so subtle.

These are all forms of holding thought, and any thought you hold is indeed creative. If you anticipate a particular task to be difficult, that will be your experience. If you anticipate greater awareness to occur for you because of some action you take, that will also be your experience.

Many other factors beyond your current level of awareness will also contribute to your future experiences, but anticipation is one you can control.


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