Love will continue to win

November 9, 2022

Love will continue to win. This message will require some contemplation on your part and a willingness to continue to suspend your disbelief.

We have continually said that you are moving through a restructuring of yourself and your world, and what you believed about yourself and your world would not be the same. You will discover new parts or aspects of yourselves, which is what you were meant to love, and as you continue to do so, you energetically change your world, for they are not separate.

We said the United States would lead the way in this restructuring, and you witnessed some of those results yesterday with their election, but it still needs to be completed as you are not yet complete with your process of loving who you are. That is the contribution you intended to make, and it was the guidance we provided.

We know it is challenging to accept things in physical life experience that are not tangible but do your best with the message we gave you in 2012, along with the conversation we had yesterday. We wanted to jump out ahead of the election so you might become more willing to offer your love of yourself to the collective mix of manifesting your world.

November 9, 2012

Relax. There are times in your physical life experience when your periods of silence and relaxation will do far more for your expansion than all your physical striving, which often turns into worry and anxiety.

You use your physical world as a means of facilitating your spiritual expansion. However, there are periods when you begin to think that the most important thing is what you do and accomplish in the physical world. When you allow yourself those periods to relax, hearing the information and wisdom coming to you from that eternal spiritual place is much easier. Physical form is always transitory.


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