Today you might remember your value

November 11, 2022

Today you might remember your value. Everything you have lived has provided you with worth and value, especially over the last several years.

You may not have noticed who you have become due to the rapid changes in your world, but we gave you something to aid you. While you might have believed it was happenstance that what we provided in 2012 would help you now, that would be a mistake in your thinking. 

November 11, 2012

Each and every day that you are in physical form, you get better. Better means that you expand in some way, and it is not possible for that not to occur. It is possible, however, for you not to notice it.

You continually gain more information and wisdom. You get better at whatever work you do simply by the mere fact of repetition. Anything you do repetitively causes you to gain better skill and ability at that thing.

When you get better, all those who come in contact with you benefit from that. This also explains why many societies value their elderly, for they appreciate that they are indeed better and have something to offer. This is true for you also.


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