Today’s message may shock you

November 1, 2022

Today’s message may shock you. And if so, that was our intention. We have said you are moving through a massive restructuring of your life and world, and you each came to contribute to the transition of your world, and you will do so by deciding to move through that transition within you that you have held back.

As you examine your world with fear or uncertainty, you hold yourself back and your world. You have moved to a new dimension today in this process, and you will hear many more speaking on this, but what is within you needs to flourish. 

You each come with gifts to offer to your world and yourself. We have said part of this restructuring would be a rebalancing of the wealth-income disparity that has existed in your world for eons, but some of you, like Roger, have needed help receiving your wealth. It could be for various reasons, but the major one is understanding and accepting your worth and value. 

We advised Roger to make changes to our program. He has used it as a form of self-sabotage in which many of you have also engaged. We hope you follow this message to its conclusion, so you will understand there are no random events in your life or world. It all depends on how much you are willing to accept. 

This morning we led Roger to three videos which we will leave below. We used the couple because many of you will find new connections which will provide more fortitude. We gave you Archangel Michael as he has influenced many, especially Roger. We gave you Eckhardt for their alignment as he spoke of Jesus, as many of you might think of in a new way.

Finally, we will leave the message we provided on this date in 2012, for again, we want to build your belief and trust in yourselves and the evolution of your world. We wanted you to stop hiding from yourself and your gifts, and we are using Roger as an example. 

We know this is long, but necessary. Before Roger began to write today’s message, we had him open a moon reading that “magically” showed up in his email. Nothing is random.

“While gazing at the other eight wands, a wounded man leans on one of them. There is no space for failure, according to this card. After all you’ve done to get here, you can’t give up or go back. You must persevere and delve deeper within yourself to discover some new kind of energy.

This may be your last project, enabling you to finish what you’ve started. Whatever you have poured your heart and soul into will come to fruition. This is the final obstacle before success.”

November 1, 2012

You can indeed have all of it. That statement is meant to make you aware of the many times you set up certain limitations in your physical life experience. You learned many of those limitations, or limited thinking, at a very early age because certain things were withheld from you. You then began to accept that as your reality, which you then went about creating over and over.

While you might say there is a limited amount of time that you have to do, be, or accomplish certain things, on the other hand, you will notice that you have yet to put your full attention on certain things because they are not your priority. You see others who accomplish many things all around you, and you will do the same once they become your priority.


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