When you love yourself, so will the world

November 2, 2022

When you love yourself, so will the world. This message will reveal everything we have wanted to say to you and what we wanted you to embrace. Your presence in the world will aid its transition during this restructuring when more of you remember who you are and your eternal connection to your source. You can only accomplish that by loving who you are.

Many of you have experienced many hardships throughout your lives, but you have yet to fully understand how valuable that would be at this time, which is why we gave you our work in 2012. We are mentioning that again for one person who referred to it yesterday, and another thought it had no meaning. 

Everything in your life and world has meaning when you decide to see it yourself. You move through evolutionary changes in your world, which are all for your evolvement or expansion if you do not resist them and decide to love who you are, which is your life path.

You have moved into a new portion of this restructuring, and as we said, the United States would lead the way. We have also said there is an order in the universe that coincides with your astrological and galactic changes, so a contentious election is planned for the next full moon on November 8. That is why we would like you to love yourself more now. Your energy will move this transition forward globally with Love.

Not all of you will understand or relate to what we are delivering, but those who know there is a part of you unfilled, we will provide more fortitude. We led Roger to two videos from others we would like you to hear, for they may spark your memory. Then we had Roger find ours from a year ago, for it will make more sense to you now. 

All dates are meant to provide you with something to hold on to when you are moving through your rapidly evolving world, and we wanted you to know it was not accidental, and neither are you. You are essential to the evolution of your world. 

Also, it is Roger’s birthday, and as you didn’t know, we gave him the perfect message for today in 2012. It was not accidental.

November 2, 2012

Your birthday is a day you set aside each year to remember why you decided to have a physical life experience. As you move through your life, you experience all manner of events and circumstances, some of which are happy and pleasurable and others that you consider challenging. However, the goal and purpose of all of them are to have you, experience Love.

You often think that you are striving to achieve success or accomplishment in some way, but the true goal is the experience of Love. You experience it in many different ways, including emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. The end result of the experience itself is expansion. You always come to know fully and own this when you have decided to leave physical form. You could do it now. 


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