You might remove your mask today

October 31, 2022

You might remove your mask today. At least we will have Roger do that, and some of you may wish to follow suit. We have said you were moving through a major restructuring in your life and world, and for many of you, it would be challenging. 

We also said we gave you everything you needed to know in 2012, a concept you all had difficulty accepting, especially Roger. We are pointing that out because you have done the same thing. You are each born into the world with a mission you were meant to fulfill that would aid your evolution that coincides with your world, for they are the same.

Using the title we did would bring more attention as many of you celebrate Halloween, which is that in the United States today. We said they would lead the way in this transition, and you are witnessing the effects of that now, but you were the ones who came to change that. You accomplish that by adding your essence, which is the process of becoming your authentic self for which we provided guidance and today is no different.

You are the only one who can accomplish the shift in the energies of your world. When you embrace your contribution and become your authentic self, you add the power of light and love into your world, which is why you wanted to be alive now. 

But you have not believed in yourself, held doubts, and then found every distraction available to use to prevent you from embracing your brilliance because you possess that as all souls. But you might take off your mask today as you let go of your disbelief and accept the notion we gave you the following message for today in 2012.

October 31, 2012

One of the greatest tools you have at your disposal to create the physical life experience you desire is the ability to train your focus. Many subjective words are being used here, so you understand the meaning.

You understand that your focused attention, or where you choose to place your attention, will create a type of energy that causes whatever it is to increase. What you take for granted is your ability to select or train that focus to go to the things you desire to grow.

You will always experience contrast or duplicity in your life, meaning that all events and circumstances contain what you consider good and bad. When you decide to train your attention on the good, you will have a very different experience.


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