You are manifesting the life and world you want

October 30, 2022

You are manifesting the life and world you want. Yes, it is you because you hold as much ability to accomplish that goal as any other soul; it just depends on how much you are willing to accept.

As you examine your life and the world today, it might seem that everything is out of your control, and that is the same mistake you made for a good portion of your life. But now you are in a new transitional period in your life, and that of your world and unique choices would be in order. The choice you would do well to make is to accept more of your ability.

We gave you guidance for this date in 2012, for we knew you might have difficulty explaining the events and coming into acceptance of who you have become. As you read the message, please remember that your journey is essential to the evolvement of your world.

 October 30, 2012

Communication is always available when you decide to listen to it. Communication refers to your connection to Infinite Intelligence. This is the stuff of all creativity and is available to help you do, be, or accomplish anything at all.

It is most available when you are not doing anything physical or in your moment of now silence. You may think of it also as inspiration or being “in Spirit.” You can’t be disconnected or separate from it, for it is eternal. However, you can decide not to listen, close it off, take different actions or hold thoughts contrary to what is being presented.

The beauty of this available communication is that you need to do nothing but listen.


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