Love and evolution are the same

October 29, 2022

Love and evolution are the same. We have said you were moving through a massive restructuring, and for that to have the effect you all intended, it means you must love yourself. 

You each come with an evolutionary journey you are being guided to travel, and when you feel the energy of love, you are on your path. Anything else signals you to remember who you are and your way.

Your world has moved into a new higher dimension of your transition, but only some will be in the same place, and there are no wrong places but only the one you intended to follow. You will know what you are offering to your world by what you are offering to yourself. 

Yes, we knew you would be here and provided a message. We want you to believe in your divine plan, for you have one, and we just wanted you to remember.

October 29, 2012

Every accomplishment you acknowledge in your physical life experience creates an energy you will use for the next achievement. This does not necessarily mean that you need to consider it a big accomplishment, but the very small or what might be considered mundane things have the same effect.

You have difficulty achieving those significant accomplishments because you have not garnered that cumulative energy from the small achievements because you do not notice them or take them for granted.

If you were to go through your day with the determination to notice all your accomplishments, the sense of satisfaction and pride you will experience, will propel you to even more.


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Channeled on October 25, 2022

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