You will understand more today

October 21, 2022

You will understand more today. Understanding, of course, is always your choice, but you would do well at this time of transition in your world to seek to understand yourself. 

Roger spent more than three hours last night on a Zoom call with his family attempting to explain the strange phenomenon that is him. You each will do that now. Every person was given something to bring to your world to aid evolution, and your life path reveals your gift when you decide to allow that to happen in your life. 

Roger attempted to explain how challenging it was for him to accept his gift, which caused him to be more capable of aiding others as you are meant to do because your life holds that much value. 

When we said we gave you everything in 2012, it was difficult for you all to accept, and it has been for you to understand the changes in your world. But we also provided synchronicity by using your human dates to bring about your remembrance, and we will do that again today, and it is perfect after Roger’s call with his family, and you will have your moment to own who you are now. 

October 21, 2012

Nothing bad ever occurs. While receiving this message, it becomes important for you to remember that subjective terms are being used so that you might more effectively relate the meaning to your personal life experience.

All events and circumstances that show up in your life and your world at large all have the distinct purpose of causing you and mass consciousness to expand or evolve. Your initial reaction to anything being “bad” simply means that your current moment awareness has not allowed you to gain the meaning and purpose of those very events and circumstances.

You can examine your personal history and that of the world at large and find evidence of this fact. You always eventually find that good in that which was perceived as bad.


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