You have not done your part

October 22, 2022

You have not done your part. The part you were meant to play in restructuring your world was to become your authentic self. Had more of you done that, your world would be different now. We said we had given you everything to accomplish that goal, but the main person who has not done his part is Roger.

We have said we will use him as an example for you all, and if you follow this message all the way through with the attachments we provide, you could alter your life and world. 

As you enter the world, you move through a process of evolving, leading to ascension, which occurs for you and your world. You are not all here to do the same thing, but you are meant to do what you were given, and you know what that is but might have doubted that, which is what most of you do, like Roger. You hold shame and embarrassment about who you are or what you have experienced. We have said all of it was purposeful and valuable, which we have you discover in our work.

Yesterday during a group meeting with our program, one person commented that they did not know how to love themselves, and Roger said all you need do is let go of your self-judgment, which is for you all. Then you energetically do your part by adding light and love to your world. 

Some of you have generational patterns and programming you chose to move through, and they are before you now. They are unique to you and always related to those who came before and are your ancestors. Roger is having difficulty writing this because last night, we took him back to remembering what he possessed, ignored, and discounted. He has done that continually; it is an imbalance he must change as it is the imbalance in your world you all came to adjust. 

None of you know what you have until you are willing to embark on self-discovery, which is the work we provided. If you heal, so will your world. In 2010 Roger connected with someone who loved our messages and said they helped their business grow and survive; now, it is a global source for good. 

They later introduced him to a literary agent who was excited about what this work would do for the world, and they wanted Roger to go to the biggest publishing houses because they felt the importance of this work. Roger was distracted and consumed with his other business, where he earned a great deal of money. He never thought of making money from our work, even though it brought him through many challenges and difficulties in his life that could be invaluable to others. 

Many of you have not honored your worth and value.

You think things are happening accidentally, and they never are. You understand them later, and we will prove it because we told you a year ago where you were in this live conversation. You can listen here:

But we also told you in 2012. It is time to stop denying who you are, and Roger feels the effects of this deeply as he examines his life and recognizes he has given everything away and left himself out, and many of you have done that. 

October 22, 2012

All that is ever required of you is to do what you can in the direction of whatever you attempt to do, be, create, or manifest. You always know the difference in whether you are putting forth that effort. Or if you have accepted some form of defeat or limitation.

When you simply do what you can or know is within your power, you access unlimited support and help from all sources, many of which will be surprising to you.

This can also be thought of as living in a state of grace, which is always your state of being. You merely need to trust it.


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