You didn’t believe us

June 10, 2022

You didn’t believe us, just as you have not believed enough in yourself and your ability to guide and shape your life and world. 

We have said you are moving through a massive restructuring, and we provided you with information that would aid you all in manifesting the lives you wanted and fulfilling your intention of ushering in a new world. 

But we also said in numerous live conversations with you that the world you want to see is not guaranteed. It is up to each individual to add their essence, and that collective combination will manifest your next world. You are doing that now. 

We have provided many references and used specific dates to create synchronicity that should foster more of your belief in yourself and, hopefully, Roger. He receives us but still has his human insecurities as you all do, but he has also had so much of us that resilience is what we thought you all would want, and that is why we gave him the program. 

It is also why we advised him to change the price. Not nearly enough were taking it seriously. You have learned to navigate the physical world with money and thereby attributed the value of things in that manner, so we will have him make it appear more valuable to you all by causing it to be more expensive. 

That last sentence was not accidental; it is part of the restructuring we mentioned and is also why we said the United States would lead the way. While it has been underway for a while, it was more visible Thursday as the hearings began with the January 6 committee, which we also said you would then have an opportunity to choose. You will determine who you want to be, and collectively you select the world you want to manifest. 

We told Roger to find the post we gave you on this date in 2020, for again, we want to encourage more of your belief because it is what you wanted. And you will see Roger’s sensory abilities, which he doesn’t show as much, but now he must as you must own your gift, for that is why you are on the planet now. 

We will leave that post along with this message, and you will come to your awareness. That is all we ever want. 


June 9, 2020

You didn’t know any better. Now you will understand why, of late, we have spoken of the collective you, meaning you individually and the world as a whole. When you examine your life now and that of the world, you may begin to make come correlations and possibly reach a new level of self-acceptance, and now we will explain that sentence. 

Yesterday Roger was intrigued by the recent discussions, especially in the US, of defunding police departments. Upon hearing those words, so many made decisions as to whether or not they would support such an idea. Roger recognized he was not informed on this subject, but through some investigation, surprisingly, Roger found the premise behind this idea is something we have spoken of often. 

First, we said you would come to embrace your feminine nature and, as a natural result, leads you to embrace humanity, meaning all of you. 

We began with the first sentence as we would like each of you to use those words as an excellent reason to practice self-forgiveness diligently. 

You didn’t know the power you held, but that is what life is meant to provide you. Roger experienced this yesterday, and he almost left it out of this conversation as he tends to deny what might be available to him, like you. 

Two people who have spoken with us connected, connected again last night. One called, and the other said we talked to them without Roger. All of you would do well now to begin to allow yourself access to your innate power. Roger attempted to leave this message before he did the last thing we wanted, which was to leave the words the one client sent to him in a text message. We want him to use the exact words, and keep in mind this was after a very short conversation. When you are willing, it doesn’t take much time to come to awareness. 

The text message:

Wilhelm’s lessons and what I took away from this.

Get to know yourself better, and the better you align with yourself, the strong electromagnetic signals will attract the people who need what you offer and vice versa. Be true to yourself, and the rest will follow. You have to package it in a way not tailored to them or the current people around you, but package it in a way that is true to yourself and those that it will serve or benefit will come to you. 


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Honesty is more valuable

June 9, 2022

Honesty is more valuable. You are born into the world to evolve and become the most you could be. You wanted to experience everything that life had to offer. Then you try to find the perfect way for you to accomplish your goal.

Along the way, you might find yourself not experiencing what you thought you would, or you hit what feels like a roadblock on your path. You can then attempt to ignore that it exists and continue to suffer. Or you can take an honest assessment and decide to change. 

You exist in the world now during this restructuring of your world, so you might notice your roadblocks, become honest, and take responsibility for them because then you have access to the innate power to create the life you want and the world you want to see. 

You are born with equal power and ability, but you have restrictions and limitations that exist within you, and that is what you want to change. You cannot do that if you don’t acknowledge where you disowned or ignored your ability. 

Your world is entering a new phase of its restructuring, and it is the time when the energy of you embracing your authentic self is needed. You will now know why we titled the live conversation on Monday the way we did. 

Roger knew what was coming and how important it would be for each of you to become more empowered and shine your love and light into the world, but he had to move through his restriction, which was not being his fully authentic self. 

The physical world, which many will hear now referred to as third dimensional, is what is changing, and that is why you are here. As we have said, you wanted to ascend, but resistance to change and not to take responsibility for your previous actions are the things that hold back your progression and that of your world.

You will see more division in the outside world, but it is merely to cause unity and wholeness within you, for you are essential in healing your life and world. 

Roger recognized that his limitation had not allowed him to make the most significant difference because humans perceive value in material things, and he did not. Still, now he must change his limited thinking as you are meant to do to fulfill your job for yourself and the world. 


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The time has come

June 8, 2022

The time has come. Please only read this message when you have time to absorb its meaning, as it will be somewhat lengthy. We give you this forewarning, for we recognize how many of you are rushing around distracted by the events in your world and seeking comfort and understanding even though we have provided it for decades.

You each come to the world to fulfill your evolutionary journey, and it is different for each of you. But you share a common trait of lack of trust in who you are and the condition of your world. We have said that nothing would be the same due to this restructuring, but not all will understand or change, so we gave your Roger as a guide.

But he had to move through his doubt which we broke even further last night. We had him send a broadcast called “The secret of my success.” He needed to be more vulnerable, as will you all. Before he went to bed, we had him transcribe a message from 1989, which we will leave here along with the message we gave you on this calendar date in 2013. We have used dates throughout our communications because humans need linear time to make sense of things. Roger does not, which has been his challenge.

Your world will be moving through more dramatic changes that might give you pause, but as we have said, if you embody yourself more, you will move through your transition with greater ease which was the intent of our program. 

You each have ways of holding yourselves back, and we even had Roger download a channeling session last night from 2021 where we mentioned this. Roger’s manner of holding back has been with money, and he will need to move through that resistance to be of more extraordinary service, and he will need to do that now. He has known that operating in the physical world, humans will value money, and he put himself in lack by not honoring his value and charging enough for our work to sustain himself.

But he also knows that beginning tomorrow, your world will need more help, and he can no longer hold himself back. And we wanted each of you to decide who you will follow, for you will follow someone, so we are pulling out the stops. 

We will place the following messages together, and if you find resonance, you will want to work with us or continue your own frenzy. Regardless of your decision, you will be fine. 

June 1, 1989
You have indeed accomplished a great deal, and now it would be wise to start to take a more than calm approach to setting and achieving your desired goals. 

There is a danger that comes with new information of wanting the self to simulate an act upon this information with clarity and resolve that might not have had enough time to activate at the cellular level, so to speak.

In other words, your behavior may offer you more opportunities to go even deeper in your self-discovery. If your ideas about the results are on some sort of timetable, you could hinder your access to more information and thus your accelerated growth.

This would also be an excellent time to start developing the ability to focus your energies in the present moment. This is surely a concept you have been aware of but, up to this point, have not slowed down quite enough to truly experience the kind of freedom you might experience with being totally involved with what you are experiencing rather than what the results might be. Deserve and Preserve

June 8, 2013

While you understand that the most effective way to experience a happy and fulfilled physical life experience is living in the present moment, you have not recognized that you find that difficult to accomplish many times. You have yet to become comfortable with those periods of not knowing. Not knowing refers to anything about your future experiences that are yet to occur. When you are uncomfortable with those periods, you still lack trust in the integrity of your experience.

You can often alleviate those periods of not knowing by asking questions, but you usually fail to ask the questions because your lack of that trust even fears hearing the answers. All of this is intimately connected with long-held feelings of insecurity. Then again, that insecurity is based on not trusting the integrity of your life experience.

Now you better understand what you are up to accomplishing to be able to live in that sought after here and now.


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You were meant to awaken now

June 7, 2022

You were meant to awaken now. You each come to the world intending to evolve, and you do so at a time in your physical world when it would best serve your evolvement and the world, and that time is now. 

Your role is essential, and it only requires you to become willing to embody yourself fully. Everything we have given you is to that end. But you have not accepted your importance like Roger.

The restructuring of our world is now at an accelerated pace. We will leave a message provided years ago that you would do well to embrace now. 

August 31, 2015

Playing small does not serve you, your intention, or your world. It was always your intention during your physical life experience to continually expand, contribute to all that is, and have your legacy known. Those thoughts are often overwhelming to you as they “should” be because then you know you are up to doing something important.

Many of your great leaders had doubts and had no idea what they might accomplish before they began, and you are no different. You would do well to hold the loftiest of ideas of what you might achieve, and the biggest would be that you can save the world. When you accept this, you also imbue others with the same idea, and what a difference that makes.


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Please do your job

June 6, 2022

Please do your job. Your job is to become ultimately and authentically yourself. If more of you had done that, there would have been no need for your restructuring or your world. 

If you are doing your job, you are experiencing a physical life of bliss, happiness, and unlimited abundance. If you are not experiencing those elements in your life now, a part of you is reluctant or resistant to self-acceptance. 

Of course, we will use Roger as an example, for he chose to be a leader and teacher and has not been doing his job entirely, as we have mentioned many times over the decades. But he, like you, must move through his resistance, and this restructuring aids him immensely. 

Roger has known of his ability to receive and interpret information that would be helpful for others during their progression through this physical life journey. 

Everything we gave you in 2012 referred to your physical life journey to alert many of you who seem not to notice that you don’t live in physical form forever but experience this life so that you might expand your soul, and that is what creates your world as you are doing now. 

The future formation of your world depends on what you do now, and that is something Roger had known long before we gave you our work. But he has held himself back in various ways, and they include not owning his worth which he knows how it is perceived in the physical world. Another way is allowing what others may think to halt his experience of who he is. Then the recognition and acknowledgment of that have him experience guilt. 

We will leave a message from the work we gave you in 2012. We said it would help you move through this time, and now it will aid all of you and Roger. Give yourself enough time to absorb this message, as it will be beneficial over the next several months in your life and world. 

January 19, 2012

Every soul comes to the physical plane with their own agenda, including you. You intended to always attend to your agenda, and if that agenda includes others, you will always know what actions and decisions you will make that affect your agenda and theirs.

This becomes tricky for you at times because you have let artificial guilt enter the picture. Guilt that is artificial means that it serves no purpose in your expansion or that of another. You will, at times, find yourself holding back your own progress, for you feel guilty that
doing so will hinder the progress of another. Seek to know your agenda during this lifetime.


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Create the new life you want

June 5, 2022

Create the new life you want. You each can do so. And it is also why you desired to be in the world now during this restructuring. Whatever belief you may hold about the events of your world, they are occurring for you to begin to believe in yourself and your innate ability to create. 

Today we will use Roger as an example. Yesterday he downloaded a recording of a live conversation we held in Oct. of 2021, and he heard advice we gave then that explained more of what was happening with the transition of the world. His lack of belief in himself has blocked his innate gift, and you might have done with yours.

When he recognized and accepted his gift of receiving information and interpreting it in a manner that has aided him, he also knew he could be of more significant benefit to others. Only if he changed his direction, and as he has done many times in his life, he used money as the motivating factor to look deeper. Money or anything of a physical nature never establishes your worth and value. You do that. 

Then we told him to look for the message we gave you on this date in 2013. These exercises cause him to develop more belief in his ability, and we hope it serves as an example for you. Whatever you are faced with now in your life is what you want to experience, for it will enable the transformation in your life and aid your world if you decide to move over any challenge. Roger must do that now. 

June 5, 2013

There is indeed an integrity that operates throughout your physical life experience. While you would do well to study the meaning of the word integrity, it is also essential to understand that there is no implication of right or wrong as it is being used here.

You can think of it more as a force that stays true to itself. In other words, you have set forth certain goals of who you desire to be, do, or accomplish in this lifetime, and the force of that integrity in your life will bring along all the situations, circumstances, and people that will help you achieve all of it.

This is not a static thing, meaning that it can change at any moment as your ideas about your goals change. The point here is to know you are always utilizing that force of integrity in your life, and it is very powerful.


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You must change first

June 4, 2022 Y

You must change first. We are stating it in this manner as we would like you to remember you are on an evolutionary journey, and you chose to take your journey during a restructuring of your world.

This message is a bit long and the most important one you will receive if you accept, but it is uncomfortable for Roger. 

You are here because you wanted to change and evolve immensely, and the challenges of this time are facilitating that change, and it is uncomfortable for you and what you wanted. Those words might not make sense to you now, but they will soon, and that is when you must remember you are doing this for yourself and your world. 

You have a generational struggle and your personal one. When you begin to understand how to align the two, you will better understand your purpose in this lifetime. We know that some of this might not be apparent, but that is the point of this message. You will move through things you have not experienced, and Roger knows this but has not allowed himself to change, which holds back his intended goal in this lifetime.

You each have patterns of behavior that you have desired to shed as those behaviors hold back your evolution and that of your world. Roger has known of his ability to receive and translate information but could not understand how he had done so and could not fully embrace his power and role. 

His desire to help others was also his resistance to being of help to himself. It has been a lifelong pattern, and his individual restructuring will include changing that behavior, so he might help himself as you are meant to do the same. Roger spent his entire day yesterday attempting to have more of you enroll in our program while knowing that many of you would not hear us, and then he could stay small as some of you have done. 

Roger has used money to hold himself back in very clever ways. First, by not owning his worth and charging enough, and then attempting to take care of others before himself, serving no one, especially himself. He was advised more than two years ago to stop trading his time for money, but he didn’t want to change, and many of you have not wanted to, but this next period in your life and world will require you to do so, but please remember it is also what you wanted. 

To illustrate our point, we will leave a message we gave you on this date in 2013. We knew where you would be, which seemed unbelievable to Roger and you. But if you decide to move beyond your limited awareness and accept things about yourself and your world that will soon be revealed that you never imagined, you will have an easier time. 

As we give you this message, please note that Roger looks at it and wonders where it came from and thought it could not have possibly been him, and that is some of the thinking you have held, and these challenging times will aid you in expanding your consciousness. 

June 4, 2013

Your ultimate goal in this lifetime is to become defenseless. This is another way of looking at expansion, evolving, or becoming an actualized being.

An actualized being has come to know that there is no aspect of their being, including their past actions, conditions, or any occurrences requiring any defense. Because they were all an integral and essential part of their journey to being actualized, or fully enlightened, as you may think of it.

The key for you now is that when you begin to notice yourself defending something, or anything at all about you, it is an indication of your own lack of self-acceptance, and you have yet to arrive at the wisdom you seek to know the perfection of you and your physical life journey.


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Abundance is also a choice

June 3, 2022

Abundance is also a choice. We have said you are moving through a massive restructuring of your world, including you. Everything we provided in our work was to help guide you through this period, but we also had to work with your individual levels of disbelief. 

Roger has known he was meant to be a teacher and demonstrate more of the power and abilities you each have to manifest anything. Still, he also had to move through his evolutionary limitations and restrictions as you are doing. 

When he examined our work and his life experience, his worth and value became evident, as well as the fact he was the one who had not owned his worth which is also the work we have you do in our program. But he, like you, does not notice this unless he activity looks. 

Then he made the change we advised and found himself in a meeting yesterday where more of what is possible for each of you was revealed. You will manifest what you can envision in your mind, for that is your source of creation if you choose to utilize that ability. 

Then to demonstrate more of his value so he might project it to more of you, we told him to find the message we provided on this date in 2013. When he places it here, you will each know what is possible for you since you intended to create a different life for yourself. 

June 3, 2013
The help you seek to expand continually is always available and always exists. Often, that help is held in what you can think of as the unexpected realm. That realm can be thought of as your personal bank or warehouse. It is meaningful that this particular realm is unexpected because when it shows up, it jars you in a sense so that you pay attention to it and actually notice its arrival.

It can be in so many different forms in terms of people, circumstances, events, or anything that you have yet to experience or know, which is why it is unexpected.

One difficulty for you is that you have at times equated the unexpected with the unknown you began to fear. Now you would do well to attempt to assimilate the two, knowing that the unknown holds that unexpected realm where all your help is merely waiting to be revealed. The more you become willing to expand, the more will be revealed to you. Attempt to notice it.


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We are doing everything we can

June 2, 2022

We are doing everything we can. We have said you are moving through a restructuring in your world, and we provided you with support in our program. 

The doubt you each had, including Roger, might cause your journey to be uncomfortable. It is the same doubt you have expressed about yourself and what you believe you might achieve in your life. We said this was the time you were meant to do so, and if you did, you would aid the restructuring of your world.

We spoke of the mass shootings and divisions that are happening more, and we said there would be conflict, but it will be helpful for you and the world if you add your essence to the mix. 

While visiting Twitter, Roger was dismayed by the amount of hate he witnessed, and then he had a memory that we provided information. He then downloaded the recording, which he had not heard or published. Here it is. It always surprises him when he listens later, much like your hindsight, typically accompanied by regret.

Then we told him to find the message we gave on this date in 2013, for we knew you may not have moved yet to take action in your lives, and you meant to do that, so here is help. 

June 2, 2013

When you begin to honestly examine your decision-making process, you will also come to know if you have been helping or hindering your very own expansion. Many times, it is your failure to utilize that decision-making process that causes you to experience more difficulties.

In other words, your indecision is usually caused by some fear you are holding, worrying about your future, or being concerned about judgment from others. When you examine this closely, you will find evidence of this in most instances where you fail to act or make a decision.

You would do well then to simply seek to make decisions based on your intention to create something. You will summon everything to you that you need to accomplish whatever you desire from that point on. This will require you to let go of any expectations; because your expectations are limiting, and the Universe desires that you expand.

Please take the last sentence to heart, literally.


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You wanted to define perfect now

June 1, 2022

You wanted to define perfect now. One of the reasons you desired to experience a restructuring is so you could understand how you have used your definition of the word perfect against yourself and the world. 

We recognize you might still find it challenging to believe there is a divine plan for your life and world, yet there is, and we were ahead of you. We gave you a program, and then we provided support. 

Please consider how you might have thought of yourself and others as you contemplate the message we gave you in 2013. Then examine your life and world and attempt to pinpoint the usage that has led to your internal conflict and the exterior one in your world. 

Roger still finds this surprising as you will find what you discover about yourself that you doubted existed. You’ll also know why we gave you a tool to use. We wanted to encourage healing and unity within both you and the world. 

June 1, 2013

You would do well to attempt to understand the different meanings of the word perfect, how you have used it in your life, and how it is used in your physical existence.

You were indeed born perfect; therefore, your physical aspects are all perfect because every part of you is used on your physical life journey to help you expand. This means every part of you, your appearance, your family, and the circumstances into which you were born all provided that framework.

As you move through your life, you begin to make up your own ideas of what you think you should do to be perfect. And that is where you run into difficulties, so to speak. You only ever experience self-judgment because you attempt to live up to those made-up ideas. Now you can begin to change this.


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