You will trust yourself more

May 13, 2022

You will trust yourself more. You came into the world to perform a mission to evolve and expand and become more of your true self. You orchestrated all the events that are occurring presently to help you achieve your goal.  

Along the way, you’ve become doubtful of that, especially as you examine your world; however, we assure you that you are here to accomplish good for yourself and your world; once you understand and accept your purpose, as you have difficulty with this, including Roger.

We had him look for the message on this date, which we said he would find in 2013 because we knew you would not be complete yet with your journey.  And the next couple of weeks might be a bit more trying for you, so it would be best if you would absorb the message that we left for you then.

You will begin to understand your purpose, and the more you become willing to accept it; you will see the results that manifest precisely in your world as you intended. We will give you more leading to Monday. 

May 13, 2013

There are no random events, and all events that show up in your physical life experience do so to help you on your journey of expansion. This is the most challenging concept for you to accept because when you are having an unpleasant event occur for you, it is much easier, so to speak, to cast blame or shift responsibility, and you do not want to think you were a cause. 

It would be helpful to shift your thinking to knowing that you, or your “Higher Self,” allowed these events to occur because they would cause your expansion. You always come to know this eventually; however, you will enable the wisdom and information you desired to come to you much quicker when you decide to embrace all events of your life and trust their integrity to cause your expansion. 

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Decide who you want to be today

May 12, 2022

Decide who you want to be today. And we are giving you this message leading to our live talk with you on Monday. The energy of you deciding who you desire to be is so powerful that it will have the cumulative ability to shift your world in the way you intended.  

You are in the world now to experience this restructuring to aid its progression by becoming willing to acknowledge who you are, love yourself, and own what you desire to do in this lifetime. You have something that is not complete, something you have denied, something you had that you didn’t believe you could have accomplished, and now you can. And we would like for you to own that energy and yourself.  

We had Roger find a message from 2013. There was not one for 2012, as he suspected, because we knew where you would be now. When he looked at that message, which we will leave, he noticed that it also carried the logo of “Overcoming Everything,” which was the original name that he chose for the work that he was doing; however, he doubted that, and he was talked out of it just as you have been. 

Now’s the time to reverse that because your energy is needed in this world. We know you have difficulty understanding your significance and talent, but it is essential, meaningful, and needed in your world. You will be fine. 

May 12, 2013

There is nothing you have to do and many things you want to do, and you would do well to know what belief you are using in your physical life experience. This is such a fundamental concept that it escapes your awareness. 

It would help you to think back on your early years as a child. Whenever you were told there was something you had to do, you could literally feel a drop in your energy and, many times, even a sense of rebellion. Then when you think back on those things you wanted to do, you feel an increased surge of energy and excitement, and you know you could do anything. This is merely a reflection of your innate desire to express your free will of choice. 

You have placed all the things you think you have to do upon yourself and have inadvertently sapped your own energy. When you begin to know the difference and decide first to do the things you want to do, you will be amazed at how much energy you will manifest to do everything.


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Vulnerability is your gift

May 11, 2022

Vulnerability is your gift. You come to the world to offer yourself, which is your gift. However, you have judged some of you as not being appropriate, suitable, or needed in your world, which results in the world you see today and the condition of your life. 

We advised Roger yesterday to create something that would benefit him and all of you, and he will do that later today. We also advised him to create a live conversation for us this coming Monday as your world will be moving through more events, and you were meant to release your judgments of yourself to be ready to create the life you always intended.

Yes, you are here now in the world because you wanted to be because you knew this restructuring would help you create the life you wanted; however, your judgment of yourself has held you back.

We will give you the message that we gave you on this calendar date in the year 2012 so that you can make more connections, and hopefully, as we attempted yesterday, you will suspend a bit more of your disbelief of you and us. 

May 11, 2012

Creating is always fun when you approach it in that manner. In other words, the entire process of creating anything physical involves you accepting the process of expanding.

When you hold any trepidation before you begin, you halt that expansion even before it starts. If you question whether what you are attempting is good enough or offers any contribution, you impose self-limitations that cause the entire process to become laborious. 

You would do well then to hold in mind that you will throw caution to the wind and embark on your journey with the intention of having fun and a new glorious adventure.


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Disbelief is your only challenge

May 10, 2022

Disbelief is your only challenge. You are born into the world with the ability to create and manifest anything that you desire, but you start to have fear and doubt along the way.  You hold the fear and doubt because you’re constantly moving into an unknown place of your experience and your world. However, you are doing it at the time that would best serve your evolution.

We said you’re moving through a restructuring. And we also said that we gave you everything you needed to know to aid you during this time; however, that disbelief was so strong even for Roger that this morning he doubted us when we said we gave you a message appropriate for today on this date in 2012.  

He hesitated to look, and as he did, he knew what we meant precisely. He also had another healing that he’s done many times in his life, but he will not speak of it yet because he, like you, will wait for proof and confirmation before he is willing to express it.

We will say that the more you become eager to express your thoughts, the easier it will be for them to manifest. We will leave that message but remember you will be fine. 

May 10, 2012

Knowing is indeed a destination and one at which you always desire to arrive. You might think of it as a state of knowing. When you are in that state, you experience complete wholeness and peace, for you trust all that is occurring in your physical life experience, knowing it is leading you always to expansion as you intended. 

When you hold this state of knowing, even in situations and circumstances that you would call difficult, you know they will pass, and you will have greater awareness, knowledge, and wisdom. When you seek to find this state of knowledge in your every moment of now, you also allow your innate abilities to come through, and you simply go about creating.


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Holding regret is counterproductive

May 9, 2022

Holding regret is counterproductive. You each come into the world with a mission that you set for yourself or something you wanted to achieve or accomplish. But you do not always do that because of the fear and doubt that you encounter along the way.  

Then you come to a place where you understand what you were given that you did not utilize, and you will be tempted to experience regret. And that keeps your energy in the exact place where you are, which was not your intention.

As you live this life, you want to evolve, and evolution means that you take a step and then assimilate the new wisdom and information you gain from taking that step. You will be tempted to experience regrets when you notice what you have missed; however, seeing what you missed gives you wisdom, and accumulated wisdom is what you all desire.

Yesterday we had Roger revisit several things. He finally understood what we had given him in our program, which he doubted as you have questioned something within you. Then he experienced tremendous regret. He sent a message and video about that experience.  

Again, that is wasted time. As your world progresses, so do each of you, and so does he. We have given him several messages of starting again, meaning that you will have a new awareness, you utilize that, and now you create the life that you want. It was not accidental that today Roger is beginning a new vision that will encapsulate everything we have given you. You will be fine. 


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It was time for you to know

May 8, 2022

It was time for you to know. We said those words to Roger when we woke him at 4 a.m. to give you all this message. As we have also said, you are moving through a massive restructuring in your world. So naturally, it would be occurring in each of you. Some of you might even feel it in your physical bodies since they are changing as well, as you are all ascending as your world. 

Roger has a habit of denying what he has been given, as you have done. And this time in your world was meant to awaken you and hopefully alleviate your restrictions from becoming the best people you could be in this life.  

Yesterday Roger began writing his mini-biography. He thought mindlessly; it was not that. We directed it, and then this morning, we had him go to a video of a recording of his Akashic record reading in December. Everything we have said about our program was validated in that video, and he couldn’t see it before as you have not seen what is within you or embraced your gift.

Recognizing what he possessed and the value it held he could not embrace brought him to tears.  Then, there was a video discussion with the client on the same subject who spoke of her results, and Roger expressed his doubt. You each have done that.

Now is the time, especially this weekend, when you’re meant to let that go. We advised Roger to create a little video to expose himself and become vulnerable, as you might do as well.  Now is when you let go of your restrictions, let go of your denial of who you are, and finally decide to do so; you can ascend to be that person you were meant to be in this world and aid your world in doing that. You will be fine.


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Today we are giving you a treat

May 7, 2022

Today we are giving you a treat. We had Roger visit the message we delivered in 2012 in “Your Life Operating Instructions,” May 7, 2012. But before that, we had him channel message, which he will send later.  

When you understand your importance in the world now, you will make the best use of your time, and you will change your world. Suspending your disbelief causes you to accept your potential.  

May 7, 2012
Your state of worry never helps you accomplish any of your goals. This occurs for many different reasons, but the first and most important one is that when you are in that state of worry, you attempt to prevent something from occurring rather than creating something new. Creating something new is all that you are ever trying to do because that means you are in the process of expanding.  

This does not help you because your focus is on preventing something, and in actuality, that works precisely in the other direction, for you are adding creative energy to something other than what you truly desire. 


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All fear is of the self

May 6, 2022
All fear is of the self. When we say self, we mean who you were meant to be and who you are, and your eternal nature. You come into the world to fulfill a part of your mission at a specific time. You are on an evolutionary journey that is eternal. 

You chose to be in the world now to experience a restructuring of not only yourself but of your world. And the most extensive restructuring that we will perform today is of Roger. He will serve as the best example for you all. 

We’ve told him that we gave him something that would help you all move through this time in your world. But he had doubts. He has had this doubt continually. Everyone thought that he feared success or money, and he’s always known that was never the case. He had a fear of being himself just as you do. 

We gave you and him a program to demonstrate this and provide you with something that you could use to move easily through this time. However, he needed to accept this first. 

We’re doing this today as your world is moving through an intense period. These next several days, you would do well to remember who you are and why you are here. You are here to access the next level of who you are. It has been so challenging for Roger because he has this ancient memory, as we’ve told you all, but that is confusing for him as it is for you if you have those memories coming up during this time. 

We will leave you with one message that we gave him several years ago that he thought we were just offering to you, but it was for him. There will be more, but you will be fine. 

December 17, 2017

Stop running from yourself. Please tell your story in detail, as it will help so many

You uncovered a transcript of a dream you had twelve years ago. In the dream, you witnessed a group of men you deemed to be leaders in some way, and there was a call made for a volunteer, and you stepped up. Immediately as you did so, you questioned your actions or why you would do such a thing and even asked at the end, “why me”?

Now in your current time, after discovering the transcript, you attempted to pretend you didn’t see it; but now, it could no longer be ignored. You now recognize the conflict. Stop running means letting go of the resistance you have had in becoming your true self. Everyone does this to a certain degree, and now you get to decide if you will stop running.


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The importance of Princess Diana

May 5, 2022

The importance of Princess Diana. We thought we would use that title as we knew it would capture the attention of more of you, and it would allow us to break Roger down as each of you is trying to break down your resistance to knowing who you are. 

We will put this together to make complete sense if you have been following us for a while. But if you’re finding us for the first time, you will still find resonance within our message. 

You are in the world now to evolve. It has nothing to do with what is happening in the world, but it has to do with you wanting to become more. You may doubt that, but you have also felt some push within yourself. There was some aspect of you that you wanted to come through. There was something you wanted to become more or evolve in some manner, and you have yet to accomplish that. You are in the world now for those reasons. 

Your world is restructuring because you each have been off-balance within yourself. And Roger to the most significant degree, which is why we needed to bring this through today. 

We will leave three videos with you because you will want to study them to understand what we have placed in our program and why it makes sense. After all, Roger couldn’t explain it to you before. You will see that nothing is accidental, including your being on the earth at this time. You wanted to be here to experience all of this because you will live the best life you could imagine if you move through your resistance. 

We know that’s challenging for many of you to accept or believe, but we will do our best to give you the information to buffer that belief. You each come into the world and walk through fear and doubt. And you do this continually until it becomes so uncomfortable that you decide that you will move forward. We’ve done things in a precise way to catch your attention. 

First, we had Roger do a video where he admitted to being a reluctant mystic. That was challenging for him. Then we had him do another he called, when do you decide to believe in yourself? That is a question he needed to answer for himself as you do. You each are here to contribute something of magnificence within you, and all you need to do is attempt to believe that and move in that direction. 

However, it takes time, and it takes effort and a concentrated effort on your part. And that is what these videos will explain to you. We put together our program utilizing all of these things, and that’s why it works. Roger could never explain why he was no longer depressed when he came into the world as what it felt to him to be a depressed person. How did he manage to cure so many physical things in his life? These are the things that you each want to know about yourselves because you all possess this ability if you are willing to let go of your limited thinking and believe that you are in the world to offer something of magnificence, and you are.

You will hear references to everything that we have given you. First of all, if you’ve listened to our live conversations, you would have heard us say there is no hierarchy of souls. That is what you are here to understand and give back to your world because that will help its further expansion. When we said we gave you everything in 2012, that was challenging for many of you; however, we also talked about the harmonic convergence of 1987, which Roger could not put together, but these videos brilliantly bring it together. 

You have had a divine plan for your life that you were meant to understand during this period of restructuring. When you come into the world, you have experiences that remind you of your plan. Every soul has this, but you do not always decide to accept it and move into the most excellent versions of yourself. We are not judging but making you aware of the choices that you might have been making. 

As we have said, Roger could never sell anything in his life just for the money. He had to be shown the value. We showed him the value, and now he must change and command more for his value as you are meant to now. In one of the videos, you will hear that this is a time of great change, and it will be a significant restructuring of the wealth and income inequality that you have carried in your world for eons. But that is why each of you exists now to help this restructuring. You will do that by owning your value and allowing the universe to give you all the riches you are due. 

We’ve asked Roger to leave our program available for the next couple of days at the current rate, but after that, it goes away. We need him to take it to much larger audiences because your world needs an energetic change, and many of you are holding back and not understanding what you have to offer your world. 

Several years ago, we gave you the information about how you might create wars, which has happened. However, you can now change that within your life, which changes your world. We’ll leave you with this for now as we are sending far too much information through for Roger to keep up or you. You will be fine.

We had Roger hear this video several days ago, and he listened to his mission at the end. You have yours as well. Then his brother, an avid student of the Bible, wanted to study. Please stretch your imagination.

We awakened him at 3 AM again to hear this one:

We have said that Roger was here to understand further the coming together of science, spirituality, and human potential, so we topped it off with this one.


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You are still afraid to love

You are still afraid to love. We provided you with a message almost two years ago. It was to inform each of you why you were born and why you chose to be in the world now during a significant restructuring of your world.  

The restructuring is occurring within you as you had a desire you wanted to fulfill.

We will leave the message, and you each will reflect upon it and the current events in your world, and you may find yourself and decide to love who you are. That’s why we gave you our program. 

May 29, 2020
You were afraid to love. Today, this message took a while to be received by Roger because he was fighting with us. Many of you may do the same. Roger was convinced there were exceptions to what we are about to say, but you will find it challenging to locate them.  

First of all, we are speaking to each person individually and your world collectively. Primarily due to the current world conditions and the events in the United States. We have given you several messages on this subject, but we will summarize them here. Love is the most powerful force that exists. It is powerful because it does not restrict its energy. It does not limit its energy and continues to expand because love is the absence of all judgment.

If each of you comes to understand and accept this concept, you and your world will evolve exponentially. The next thing to understand is you are all born benevolent beings, and when you stray from that understanding, you have conflicts because you have chosen not to be loving.

You may get the sense this message will require study, but it will be worth it. If love is the most powerful energy, and you are not feeling powerful, you have been afraid to love yourself. If you think others have more than you, you have been afraid to love yourself. When you judge your life or experiences as bad, you believe yourself to be bad, so there is no love experience.  

There is so much to give you, but we will leave you with this. Every experience you have in your life, whether or not you label them to be good, bad, right, or wrong, all have the same purpose: to cause you to love yourself and, in turn, all others as you are all one. You and your world are coming to understand this.  

Wilhelm’s Pathway to Self-Actualization.