You were meant to prosper now

September 25, 2022

You were meant to prosper now. Today we went to extraordinary lengths to cause you to believe in yourself more as you move through your restructuring and that of your world. 

We had Roger go back to a year ago, download the conversation we had with you then, and put that together with the message we provided in 2012. Nothing about your life has been accidental, and as you each begin to accept or strengthen your belief in who you are, you will help shift your life and world as you intended. 

Here is the video replay:

Allowing yourself to prosper is part of your life purpose and mission, which you agreed to long before this existence, and we are grateful you are here, for we knew we would speak to the correct person, and you are them. 

September 25, 2012

Self-appraisal will always be a part of your process of evolving as long as you are in physical form. Appraisal here means questioning and analyzing who you are, who you desire to be, and where you are heading on your physical life path.

It is unrealistic to think this appraisal will not occur, and it is much more important for you to choose what to do with it. You can either use this appraisal as an opportunity to take actions that you know will lead you to that person you desire to be, or you can use it

to beat yourself up, so to speak, which halts your expansion temporarily.

When you can embrace those periods of self-appraisal and use them in your moments of reflection, the expansion you seek is hastened. 


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