The divine plan of your life is before you now

September 24, 2022

The divine plan of your life is before you now. You were born to achieve something in your life that would cause your expansion and that of your world. You chose this time in the trajectory of your world to be alive because it provided you with the most excellent opportunity to add your unique contribution to create the new world you desired.

You stand at a critical place now in your evolution and restructuring your world. We have said we provided guidance, and the only difficulty any of you have had is believing that was true, especially Roger. None of you know what you possess until you become willing to look.

Yes, we provided guidance for this day because your decision affects far more than your existence but also your world, for they are the same. 

September 24, 2012

Today choose to become more you. All that you do during your physical life experience is based on whatever conscious choice you decide to make. Your life experience is not determined by what occurs in your

world, but by how you choose to see it.

You can observe any situation and decide to see what you think is “bad” about it or what you think is “good” about it. You will always find what you choose to find in every single instance.

It is your perception that determines how you experience anything at all. Today you can decide to live in your moment of now fully. Today you can consciously choose to enjoy it all. Today you can choose to move toward your own expansion.


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