We have been guiding you through your ascension process

September 19, 2022

We have been guiding you through your ascension process. That is what is occurring for you and your world, and you came with a contribution you intended to make, and our work enables you to do so.

You are moving through a period in your world none of you has experienced, but there are many like Roger who has a memory that they are awakening to now, and each will decide when they own their mission as you each have one. 

We have used dates to cause synchronicity and trust in your journey to become strengthened, and today’s message is no different. We wanted you to understand that your world and civilizations move through cycles. Still, their resulting manifestation depends on each of you and if you fulfil your mission of becoming yourself.

September 19, 2012

Cycles are naturally occurring events in physical life experience. You might think of them more as emotional cycles or as ups and downs, so to speak. Nevertheless, they are purposeful and valuable for you, especially when you do not resist them.

These cycles give you perspective, contrast, and also times of rest and work. They provide you with times of reflection to contemplate your physical life journey, where you have been and where you are headed.

If you attempt to resist any particular cycle, you prolong it and might block the wisdom and knowledge you might gain from it. Nothing is better than the experience of a happy cycle following a difficult one.


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