It would be best if you believed in yourself

September 18, 2022

It would be best if you believed in yourself. You come to the world with worth and value and something to offer that would cause your life to improve and prosper. If you decide to believe in the voice in your head, you have always heard, you will also help your world as it moves through this restructuring.

We had said you would be moving through this time, and we provided guidance in 2012, but that was challenging for many of you to believe, especially Roger. That is common for most of you, for you cannot see or feel the manifestation tangibly of what you were given until you decide to believe in yourself and allow your contribution to make a difference. 

The seeds of greatness within you are what is in front of you now, and it is something you didn’t believe was that significant, and that is where you were incorrect. The message we provided on this date might help you remember as it has for Roger, and now he will make the necessary changes in his life, and you will also if you want your evolution to be successful. 

September 18, 2012

Your value will only be felt by others when it is first owned, accepted, and felt by you. Many times, you tend to go about this process backwards. In other words, you seek to find your value from others or your outside world when the entire process is an internal one.

Your purpose is always expansion, and that expansion or acceptance of your value comes from you and through you. When you earnestly seek to know your value and worth, it is always revealed.

Confirmation or acknowledgment of that value from others is always helpful and pleasing, but it does not cause your expansion. That is strictly up to you.


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