You can utilize what you know now

September 5, 2022

You can utilize what you know now. While you always maintain that ability to direct your physical life experience based on the information you have gathered throughout your life, it’s a little different this time. 

We have said you are moving through a restructuring of your life and world, and you have now seen the evidence, so you would be wise to use the message we provided in 2012. 

September 5, 2012

There is a difference between the power of your thinking and your doing, and they can either work together or against you in terms of what you desire to achieve or accomplish.

At times, the power of your thinking will be much greater than anything you are doing simply because your thinking activates energy which is the essence of all physical things. There are other times that you may be physically doing something while simultaneously holding thoughts in the opposite direction, defeating all your efforts.

The key here is to decide to become consciously aware of what you are thinking while you are doing.


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