Please love them today

September 4, 2022

Please love them today. That is the sentiment we would like you to hold today, and we offered preparation. We feel more of you accept our use of synchronicities as you notice them in your lives. They mean you’re on the right track. Them includes you. 

September 4, 2012

Understanding is what you seek and is the key to living a fulfilled physical life experience. Understanding, as it is being used here, means developing a tool that you can use to fulfill your every desire.

When you find understanding of one another, it is also the steppingstone to love and even empathy. When you find an understanding of world events and situations, it leads you to your inner peace. When you find understanding, it is also not possible for you to simultaneously hold judgment.

While you know that you can only choose between love and fear, understanding allows you to choose love easily.


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