We wanted you to believe in yourself

July 4, 2022

We wanted you to believe in yourself. We are speaking of the program we provided in 2012 designed to aid through this restructuring in your life and world. 

You came into the world to offer your gift, which merely is who you are and that never changes. You have difficulty accepting your importance or the significance of your existence in the world at this time. We knew if you had guidance, the journey would be much more joyful rather than fearful as many have interpreted the events in your world. 

You have difficulty accepting your gifts because you only access them as you live your life, and it is up to you to seek to find them, uncover them, and give them to the world. Every aspect of our work was to aid you in that process, but first, you needed to develop more belief in yourself rather than only your human experience and thinking. That is why we asked you to suspend your disbelief. 

You don’t believe fully in what you might achieve or accomplish in your lives because it seems to appear suddenly. You may not accept that you possess something so valuable, just as Roger had trouble accepting he received this work. 

We told him to find the message we gave on this calendar date in 2012 and place it here, and many of you will know it is speaking to you, and hopefully, your disbelief in your capabilities will be lessened, and you will believe in yourself. 

July 14, 2012

It is not possible for you to measure your own contribution. In other words, what you desire to contribute to your world at large is already

known to you, so you will also have the tendency to take it for granted. What is natural to you may offer tremendous benefit to another, precisely as you intended.

Each and every soul comes to the earth plane with their own unique gift, as do you. When you attempt to measure or judge your contribution, your estimation of that gift will not necessarily be felt by you, so it becomes a futile exercise for you to do so. Simply give the gift.


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